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Welcome to our Position Application! We’re always on the lookout for passionate, motivated people who believe in community and wellbeing, especially for kids.

1. Personal information

  • Which position/s are you interested in? (select all that apply) *

    Please note, Risky Kids is a program for kids' health and wellbeing, and predominantly operates after school hours and during weekends. As such, if you cannot be available at those times we will not be able to consider your application.

  • Which location are you available to work at? *
  • Can you start immediately? *
  • Do you have professional experience working with kids or in a kids program? *
  • Do you have or are you able to get a Working with Children’s Check? *

    All Risky Kids team members and volunteers are required to have a WWCC unless under the age of 18

  • Do you have or are you able to get a Police Check or equivalent? *

    As an NDIS Registered Provider, you will be required to undertake an NDIS Screening Check. You will be reimbursed, however this is the equivalent of a Police Check. If you cannot pass a Police Check, please do not apply.

  • Do you have or are you able to get a First Aid Level 2 Certificate? *
  • What is your age? *

    Risky Kids is an equal opportunities employer. Age is only used to determine suitability for working during school hours, employment in roles requiring a person to be 18yo+ by law or child safety policies and to calculate loadings. We are proud to employ many young people.

2. Risky Kids Coach Training

Risky Kids Coaches need to be able to conduct impressive Parkour, Freerunning and Ninja Movements safely. This section concerns your ability to perform this in a way which is easy for young people to understand, and won’t present a danger to you.

We have a dedicated training team who will teach you, however you must have a baseline of strength and conditioning to begin learning.
  • Are you available to conduct 1 hour of training (paid) per week outside typical rostered hours? *

    This is at a set time each week for all team members. There may be some flexibility, however in most cases you will need to match our Lead Coaches' training time. This will often be: after a typical shift.

    Are you physically sound to learn parkour, freerunning and ninja movements? *

    This includes jumping, landing, rolling, swinging and a variety of physically demanding movements.

3. Child Safe Policies

Risky Kids is a Child Safe Organisation. You will be required to undergo comprehensive training and preparation to ensure you understand our policies and procedures.


This includes but is not limited to:


📢 All team members require a paid WWCC with Risky Kids listed as employer,
📢 All WWCC are verified on a random schedule,
📢 All team members work with Parent Volunteers,
📢 A zero tolerance policy for unsafe behaviours from team members,


If you are not comfortable or unable to abide by these standards, we will not be able to accommodate you as a Risky Kids Team Member.

Thank you!

Thanks for your application! We’ll be in touch regarding it as soon as we can whether you’re successful or not. Please be patient, as it may take up to 14 days for us to process applications.

If you’d like to submit a resume and haven’t already, please email it directly to the club.