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Parkour, freerun and ninja. Risky Kids helps your child grow and develop confidence in their bodies

The Moves

  • Exploration

    Our Risky Kids Moves have been chosen because they’re challenging, yet accessible. Exciting, yet educating. Drawn from Parkour, Freerunning and Ninja skills these are movements that kids will love to do again and again and will explore in unique and valuable ways.

  • Empowerment

    We’ve developed a powerful curriculum with health and wellbeing experts so that young people can join at any time and be immersed in challenges that match their ability but will help them grow and develop confidence in their bodies.

  • Encouragement

    The training methods are more than just drills though. Our Coaches mentor young people, helping them to use the moves to face fear, master courage and to do it their own way.

The Mindsets

One of the unique aspects of Risky Kids is our experiential learning process. We discuss Mindsets in every class, ways of thinking which inspire risk intelligence, critical reasoning, compassion, self discipline, positive thinking, emotional regulation and so much more.


The Programs

We help young people to find “Their Way” in small classes with consistent Coaches trained in how to challenge young people, but to guide them through those challenges to success.

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