• Course Overview & Pricing

    Join the Risky Kids community as a professional, either to deliver our unique program or to complete professional development to further your own knowledge.

    • Mentor Courses – Learn the science of Risky Play and Resilience. Learn how to integrate these teachings into existing programs. Level 1 – Starts at $499
    • Coach Courses – Deliver the Risky Kids program each week to your community using exciting Moves and Mindsets. Level 1 – Starts at $1299 (includes Mentor Course)

    The Risky Kids Course are designed for anyone who works with kids in a physical setting, or would like to add a physical and movement based program to their offering or curriculum.

    • Teachers & Early Years Learning Educators
    • Fitness and Wellbeing Professionals
    • Health and Leisure Personnel
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  • Fitness & Leisure

    Our Risky Kids Courses are a great addition to the repertoire of any health, wellbeing or fitness professional looking to work with kids in a way which is exciting and engaging. There is no kids fitness program like Risky Kids and your accreditation will set you apart as qualified to teach the world’s best and most powerful risky play & resilience program.

    • Get accredited as a Level 1 Risky Kids Coach Immediately and Online,
    • Learn 8 Risky Kids Mindsets,
    • Learn 20 Risky Kids Moves from Parkour, Ninja & Tricking
    • Get access to an awesome online community of other Coaches,

    Once you’re qualified and ready you’ll be accredited to run Risky Kids in any of our Affiliated Venues, or pursue discounted Affiliation yourself as a Risky Kids Sole Trader. Create real change in the health and wellbeing of the families and kids you work with.

    • Run Risky Kids classes from your venue and attract new clientele,
    • Provide a genuine, outcome driven program for kids,
    • Learn to teach something kids will actually enjoy doing each week,
    • Become an expert on Risky Play and Risk Intelligence,
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  • Early Childhood & Teaching

    The Risky Kids Courses have been designed for teachers and early childhood workers, to help empower them to master Risky Play through the Risky Kids program.

    • Improve Social & Emotional Learning, Resilience & Identity Formation,
    • Experiential Learning Focus using Risky Play,
    • Improve Physical & Emotional Literacy Outcomes,
    • Unique Problem Solving and Critical Thinking Training,

    Our courses are designed to align with state and national curriculum guidelines and frameworks, and to create an exciting new way for educators to guide kids to a healthier lifestyle. Available immediately and online is our:

    • Mentor Level 1 Course – Learn about the foundations of Risky Play and its origins, and get armed with a series of tools including our 8 Powerful Mindsets and Risky Bucks system to help promote Risk Intelligence and improve Resilience.
    • Coach Level 1 Course – Expand on the knowledge of the Mentor Level 1 Course and learn 20 exciting Parkour, Ninja and Trick Moves to give a unique and exciting Experiential Learning opportunity.
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  • Outdoor Education

    The Risky Kids Courses are the perfect addition to the training and skill sets of outdoor educators, from a school’s outdoor education team to camp personnel. The benefits of bringing Risky Kids to your program includes:

    • A unique, “take home” set of skills and experiences,
    • Programming which can stand along or be integrated,
    • Helps develop physical, emotional and social literacy,
    • Is highly accessible and inclusive, as well as engaging and exciting,

    Risky Kids is familiar with working with outdoor education teams and our experience includes;

    • YMCA Camping Partnership – We’ve trained YMCA Camp personnel throughout Victoria to run our program proudly as part of our partnership with them.
    • Australian Camps Association – As proud members of the ACA we’ve conducted keynote presentations at Member Morning Teas and AGMs on the topics of Risky Play.
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