• Affiliation Overview

    Affiliate with Risky Kids either as an individual or with your business to join team Risky Kids and a growing network of people who want a way to help families that works.

    • Science and Psychology based programming,
    • Physical, social and emotional health,
    • Build retention and community engagement,
    • Set yourself apart from competition with a unique offering.

    Affiliation is about learning, whether you’re experienced with kids programs or it’s new to you, Risky Kids is completely unique. We’ll guide you through the process and give you everything you need.

    • Turnkey Solution – We’ve got it all covered from the marketing, to the insurance and even the budgeting. We’ll train your team and you’ll have everything you need at your finger tips.
    • Begin as a Level 1 Affiliate – Start small, grow big. The Affiliate Program is designed to scale as you do. We keep costs low at the beginning so that you can bring Risky Kids to your community in a way that’s smart.
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  • Affiliation Outcomes

    Risky Kids isn’t just good for your community and the kids you train, it’s good for business. We’ve proven that Risky Kids can help build your offering in a way that matters.

    • Reduce objections to core offerings with a family solution,
    • Increase retention using our engaging programming,
    • Deliver on key state, federal and education outcomes,
    • Create a new source of income which has no competition.

    When you become a Risky Kids Affiliate you get access to a huge range of resources which allow you to run Risky Kids easily and seamlessly, from centrally delivered lesson plans and challenges to annual retreats for affiliates and team members.

    • Cloud Based Toolkit – Everything you need, any time you need it and new information and resources all the time. From media and marketing to budgeting and launching events, we’e got you covered.
    • Gated OnlineĀ Community – Use our Risky Kids Online portal to build an online community that you have control over. No more fighting for reach or to communicate with your members, get full access as part of Affiliation.
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  • Affiliation Pricing

    Start small and then go big, or start big and be HUGE! The Risky Kids Affiliate Program scales with both the size of your client base, as well as what programs you need access to.

    • Affiliate Level 1 – Access to Level 1 & 2 Coaches, and a complete guided on-boarding process – $2000 annually
    • Affiliate Level 2 – As Affiliate Level 1 however includes the Future Leaders Program – $3000 annually
    • Affiliate Level 3 – As Affiliate Level 2 however includes Level 3 Coaches and Specialist Modules – $5000 annually

    Upgrading your Risky Kids Affiliate level often requires time and dedication, as well as experience running the program.

    • Sole Trader Support – Looking to be the Affiliate AND the Coach? We’ve got your back, you’ll only pay for Affiliation and we’ll include the Coach and Mentor Courses.
    • Partnership – Have you got a big network of venues? Risky Kids can provide custom packages to suit all levels of business. Contact us today for more info on how we can help.
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