Frequently Asked

The Risky Kids Program

  • What is Risky Kids?
  • To keep it simple, Risky Kids is a program designed to help kids be their best and to have fun while doing it!

    We have created a system which uses powerful developmental psychology and sciences, combined with exciting and engaging "Moves" like Parkour, Ninja and Tricks, and we add in challenging ways of thinking called "Mindsets". Above all we're a community.

  • How is Risky Kids different to other programs for kids?
  • Risky Kids doesn't claim to be the answer to everything, but we're a piece of the puzzle that's been missing for a long time! Other programs for kids physical health tend to be focused on making them good at a sport, or something very specific. Just the same many programs for kids emotional health are often intermittent services delivered sporadically.

    Risky Kids has one goal, to make kids strong and resilient resilient and to do it as part of a weekly program. Risky Kids is also powerful in that it's highly accessible. It requires little to no equipment, and can be done alone or with friends.

  • What's the science behind Risky Kids?
  • Risky Play and Experiential Learning are our core. We know that when kids play risky, they develop strength, courage, empathy, bravery and risk intelligence. Every piece of science when it comes to Risky Play tells us that without it, kids increase their chances and exposure to poor activity levels, increased screen time, low self esteem, obesity and anxiety.

    The best part about Risky Play is though that kids genuinely crave it, and it not only prevents all of these issues, but promotes so many positive outcomes.

  • I'm not sure about kids jumping off buildings or falling into pits of water.
  • Don't be tricked by what you see on the internet and TV! Parkour and Ninja are all about challenging yourself. For each person that's different.

    At their core they're about movement and being connected with your body, and the world around it. That's what we teach kids, and often it starts very small with the fundamentals of movement and self esteem.

  • I'm not sure about encouraging kids to take risks.
  • At Risky Kids we never encourage kids to do anything dangerous. We help to facilitate exposure to controlled risk through fun challenges and movement to teach "Risk Intelligence". Our main goal is to help kids understand how a risk looks and feels, and how to navigate it to success.

  • Is it safe?
  • Absolutely. At it's core Risky Kids is about safety and navigating challenges with no harm to our bodies or minds. That doesn't mean that kids won't be challenged, and challenge is sometimes uncomfortable, but the chances of a kid being hurt is far lower than participating in sport or just playing normally.

    Kids are encouraged to listen to their bodies and to be guided by their emotions, which helps them move smart.


  • I want to start up a Risky Kids at my venue or by itself, how do I do that?
  • Jump into our Affiliates Section and book in to talk with our Risky Kids Affiliate team. They'll get you all the information you need to get started. If you're a sole trader then we have a special deal just for you.

  • How much does it cost to become a Risky Kids Affiliate?
  • We've designed the Affiliate process to scale as you do. The costs start low, and then as your community and it's needs grow, so too will your investment into the Risky Kids Program. Don't worry though, every time you go up as an Affiliate you also unlock extra opportunities for your business and your community!

  • What sort of space or equipment will I need to get started with Risky Kids?
  • Risky Kids has been designed to be completely accessible, both for kids and for Affiliates! The equipment you need is incredibly simple, and can often be found at your local sports shop. Risky Kids isn't about big rigs and heaps of equipment, but being creative in whatever space you find yourself in.

  • I want to start a Risky Kids but don't know anyone who can be a Coach, can you provide one?
  • We have a growing network of accredited Risky Kids Coaches and Mentors across Australia and Asia Pacific. Depending on where you are, we might have one available! However they are often in high demand.

    We're happy help you find someone, or even better to help you identify someone in your community who would do an amazing job.

Getting Accredited

  • What are your Courses?
  • We have two types of Risky Kids Course. The first is our "Mentor Course" which teaches you all about Risky Play science and how it fits into the world of physical, emotional and social literacy.

    The second is our "Coach Course" which arms you with our custom program designed to deliver amazing outcomes.

    They both give you both theoretical and practical skills and are perfect for professional development or to start a business centred around young people, health and wellbeing.

  • How do I book in for a course?
  • Follow the link in our Calendar or Events & Courses section to leave your details and we'll be in touch to book you in to the next course! Payment is required to secure your booking.

  • How often are your courses?
  • We have two types of course, a Remote Course and a Face To Face Course. The Remote Courses are available bi-monthly, all you have to do is book in and you'll be included in our next intake. The Face To Face Courses are available bi-annually in the states of Australia of Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

  • I don't have any qualifications, what are the prerequisites for the courses?
  • We accept people with all levels of experience to the Risky Kids courses, however we do expect that for the Coach Course you'll be able to undertake the movements and be able to teach them safely. By no means will you have to be able to do them perfectly, but with a measure of control.

  • Will I require a Working With Children's Check before commencing the course?
  • You won't be required to provide a WWCC before beginning the course, however to receive accreditation you'll need to be able to provide one before being entitled to work as an Accredited Risky Kids Coach or Mentor.